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Full Name Sharon Martin Franklin
Name 61
City Atlanta
State GA


Current Address

4710 Towanda Cir; Atlanta, GA 30349

Previous Addresses

805 E 27th St, APT A3; Norfolk, VA 23504
653 Bridge Ave, APT A2; Forest Park, GA 30297
5029 Springdale Rd; Forest Park, GA 30297
1524 Minnesota Ave, APT A; Norfolk, VA 23502
217 W Little Creek Rd, # A; Norfolk, VA 23505
868 Wolcott Ave; Norfolk, VA 23513
3501 Seay Ave, APT B; Norfolk, VA 23502
1417 Lead St; Norfolk, VA 23504
853 Bridge Ave, # A2; Forest Park, GA 30297
5391 Grand Lake Cres, # CR; Virginia Beach, VA 23462
4989 Courtney Dr; Forest Park, GA 30298
9 Heartwood Ct; Savannah, GA 31411
653 Bridge Ave; Forest Park, GA 30297
1019 Mahone Ave; Norfolk, VA 23523
217 W Little Creek Rd, APT 2; Norfolk, VA 23505
2307 Lafayette Blvd; Norfolk, VA 23509
2059 Kennedy Ave; Baltimore, MD 21218
5391 Grand Lake Cres; Virginia Beach, VA 23462
908 Trice Ter, APT B; Norfolk, VA 23502
3501 Seay Ave; Norfolk, VA 23502
805 E 27th St, APT 1; Norfolk, VA 23504
3225 Lyons Ave; Norfolk, VA 23509
805 E 27th St, STE 2; Norfolk, VA 23504
3225 Lyons Ave, # B; Norfolk, VA 23509
868 Wolcott Ave, APT A2; Norfolk, VA 23513
1417 Lead St, APT A; Norfolk, VA 23504
320 W 28th St; Norfolk, VA 23508
2830 Dunkirk Ave; Norfolk, VA 23509
722 E 29th St; Norfolk, VA 23504
323 W 30th St; Norfolk, VA 23508
8660 Bridgeport Bay Cir; Mount Dora, FL 32757
9014 Heathland Ct; Mount Dora, FL 32757
5827 Burton Station Rd, APT 312; Virginia Beach, VA 23455
804 Williams Ave; Russell, KY 41169
229 Highland Ave; Russell, KY 41169
2238 Dry Valley NE Rd; Charleston, TN 37310
805 E 27th St; Norfolk, VA 23504

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